Food Safety Standard (FSS) Accreditation

Food safety and hygiene is extremely important to businesses as it helps protect consumers' health from foodborne illness and food poisoning.

Food Safety Standard (FSS) Accreditation

The basic principles of food safety and hygiene can be thought of as cleaning, cross-contamination, cooling and cooking. As a food business, it's important to adopt a set of standards to ensure your food practice is safe and hygienic, which will reflect positively on your organization.

These standards, presented within the framework of the Food Safety System (FSS) program, support businesses of all sizes within the supply chain in the production of safe food.

Third-party verification and certification of food safety standards is a broad and growing trend in the food industry. This means businesses must increasingly adopt certified standards to remain competitive and undergo regular food safety audits to maintain that certification.

The Food Safety System (FSS) is particularly suitable for businesses looking to meet their customers' food safety requirements or expand their market access.

Whether inspections are line-specific, product-specific, or system-wide, inspections consume time and resources - so there is a huge push to reduce the overall number of inspections a business is exposed to by reducing redundancy between global standards and changes in customer requirements.

Food Safety System is an easy-to-use program suitable for businesses that want to develop and improve their food safety systems, and is also compatible with the hazard analysis and critical control points standard and FSS Plus standard structures. In this way, the program provides worldwide recognition and the opportunity to progress to FSS Plus certification.

The food safety standard certification program is applicable to manufacturers of food products and food ingredients of various sizes. Ingredient manufacturers supplying other food manufacturers, retailers and food service organizations can also benefit from this program.

Food Safety System (FSS) standards are applicable to businesses that are new to the food industry, companies that develop new food products, companies that produce food products for restaurants and retailers, etc. It is suitable for

The Food Safety System (FSS) program requires food businesses to meet the lowest food safety requirements. It also allows them to upgrade to the FSS Plus program in the future.

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